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by casey on January 26, 2011

Here is something interesting that you have never seen before. A developer named Onan Games has developed a new tool named Mandreel. The tool allows source code of C, C++ and Objective C to be converted to Javascript, C# and ActionScript. This conversion will allow other developer to port applications from Apple’s iOS or Google’ Android to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 [wp7].

Mandreel is very similar to a standard compiler. Here is what the developer website says about the tool:

Mandreel is optimum and recommendable in situations where you want to reuse your existing C/C++/Objective C code base on C# and JavaScript based platforms (Windows Phone 7 or Xbox Live Indie Games, Web Browsers)

For these cases, using Mandreel you can minimize development costs because you donít have to rewrite the code base for these new platforms. For example, with Mandreel you automatically get an exact copy on C# of the original source code without performance penalties and allows to sync it as many times as you need in the case you need to modify the original source code.

mandreel convert from ios android to wp7

No doubt that this is an excellent feature that will facilitate a lot of developers. Just write the code in the language you want and then use Mandreel to get the source code in other languages. If you are trying to develop a game that you are going to submit to for example Apple App Store, you dont have to wait to create the same game for Windows MarketPlace as Mandreel will help you.

Source: via Mandreel

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