100,000 Apps In Google Android Market Now, Still 200,000 Apps Behind App Store


by casey on October 25, 2010

Google Android Market has passed 100,000 apps today. The announcement was made via tweet by @AndroidDev, which is the official verified account of Google’s Android Team. But still Android app storage is behind Apple. Apple is ahead of Android app market with more than 300,000 apps in App Store.

Although Steve Jobs pointed out the fragmentation issue for app developers under Android’s Platform, but still Android is taking over the smartphone market. No doubt that Android is the biggest competitor that Apple can see coming to give them even more hard time.

On the other hand we can see developers now making the same apps available for the Android Platform as well which they initially make for the Apple App Store. Angry birds app is a perfect example for it which has got a huge response on Android platform as well.

On the other hand we can see new smartphone developers who just starts to come into this business finds it easy to work on Android Platform than Apple for many reasons.

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