Search iTunes & Apple App Store Using Windows Phone 7 Device [WP7]


by casey on January 22, 2011

Have your ever thought of searching the iTunes Store with your Windows Phone 7 device ?? Now there is an app for that. Davis Tepper is the the developer behind this app named iTunes Search.

The iTunes Search app using your WP 7 device is unique and free of cost. You can search through the Apple iOS App Store and iTunes Music using any of your Windows Phone 7 device.

Of course you will not be able to download anything from the App Store using this app with your wp7 device. It just provides you the searching facility but you can the same app to search through the Zune Marketplace from where you can download and buy what ever you need for your WP 7 device.

Apparently the iTunes Search app is better than the native one as it looks nice because of its User Interface and loads quickly.

search app store using wp7

Let us see what other apps for WP7 comes that shows some relation to Apple. Stay connected to to see more interesting news and reviews.

Download the app from HERE.

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