Extract & Save SHSH Blobs To Older iOS Firmware For Jailbreak & Downgrade


by casey on January 3, 2011

The famous iPhone hacker and developer, iH8sn0w is doing work on a method which will let users to extract and save SHSH blobs for the PREVIOUS iOS firmware versions. TinyUmbrella, Cydia and iSHSHIT also provides the facility of saving SHSH blobs so what is the difference??? TinyUmbrella, Cydia and iSHSHIT only allows you to save SHSH blobs of the firmware versions for which Apple signing is open and the company allows you to save SHSH blobs. But after a certain time and with the release of new version, it becomes not possible to save SHSH blobs of the previous version.

iH8sn0w is famous for his jailbreak and unlock tools like Sn0wbreeze, iBooty, iReb, f0recast and iDetecor. If the developer succeed in his work, it will be great for the users who have missed saving hashes for their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Check out the conversation between iH8sn0w & MacHackPC on Twitter:

iH8sn0w: @machackpc Something else is on higher priority

machackpc: @iH8sn0w Interesting. Do we deserve to know what that is ?

iH8sn0w: @machackpc its an shsh blobs extracting utility. Right from the device. Not apple.

machackpc: @iH8sn0w Uhh.. Interesting. Does it mean that, You can extract SHSH Blobs for Older Version FW’s (For those Apple stopped signing?)

iH8sn0w: @machackpc whatever firmware the device is running.

machackpc: @iH8sn0w That would be awesome. So, if a device is running iOS 4.1, then you can save SHSH for iOS 4.1. Even though Apple stopped signing?

iH8sn0w: @machackpc correct.


For the beginners and the users who do not know what SHSH blobs are: “SHSH Blob is a signature verification file against Apple Server. It verifies that the iDevice is running the latest version of iOS. Saving SHSH blobs will allow you to restore to previous version. While doing so Apple will stop you doing the restore process. To make this happen you have send a request to different servers which forwards SHSH blobs to iTunes by just showing it that its a new version of iOS.”

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