iSHSHit Saves SHSH Blobs Of iPhone, iPad, iPod & Email It To You


by casey on December 3, 2010

Jailbreak tweak iSHSHit allows you to save and backup SHSH blobs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app uses Cydia On-File service behind the scene to save your SHSH blobs on Cydia servers. iSHSHit also allows you to email your saved SHSH blobs to yourself or to anyone.

iSHSHit is a BigBoss Repository and available in Cydia Store. After jailbreaking your device, you have to open Cydia and search for iSHSHit and let it to be installed on your device. The app will make an icon on your Springboard after the installation is done.

Now run the app and click Save. iSHSHit will start saving your SHSH blobs.

The app official description says:
iSHSHit allows you to back up device firmware SHSH blobs from Apple directly on your device for later downgrading. It automatically uses the Cydia On File service in the background, so its a great way to ensure that your SHSH is stored by Cydia. iSHSHit can also email your SHSH blobs to you for more permanent storage”.

iSHSHit is much easier to use although you can also use TinyUmbrella to save SHSH blobs which is a famous tool for this purpose.


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