Windows 8 Metro UI On iPhone / iPod Touch With Metroon DreamBoard Theme


by cM Boy on July 9, 2012

Metroon is a new DreamBoard theme that allows you to have Windows 8 Metro user interface on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Isn’t it awesome ?

As its a DreamBoard theme, so you need to have DreamBoard installed on your iOS device in order for the theme to work. Once you have installed DreamBoard, a free theme platform from Cydia, then you can download Metroon theme from Cydia. Open DreamBoard and it will be there.

dreamboard themes

Features include dynamic pin and unpin system, easy access to the default iOS interface, Live tiles Custom lock screen and many more.

windows 8 iphone

windows 8 ipad

windows 8 metro ipod touch

windows 8 live tiles iphone

The best thing about the theme is that switching between normal iOS user interface and Metro Interface is very easy. You can press the ‘Desktop’ tile to return to the iOS interface and swiping from the right side and pressing the Windows button will bring you back to the Windows 8 UI.

windows 8 UI iOS

metroon theme

Clicking on ‘Start’ at the top will bring a box at the bottom where you will see ‘All Apps’. Clicking on it will display all your apps installed on your device.

metroon dreamboard

windows 8 metro apps on iphone

We have tested the theme on our device and it looks great. In fact, its one of the best DreamBoard themes we have installed. The theme is available for download from Cydia under ModMyi repository at a price $1.50. Yes, its NOT for free.

You want to check more DreamBoard themes? Check out the link below:

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We Write Very Rite

  • Perry Teo

    Black screen of death… After springboard crashed while on metroon. Very window-esque indeed. Haha…

  • VeryRite

    Perry Teo happened same with us but as its Windows so RESTARTING always helps :D

  • Rajon Paul

    It’s cool mate

  • Junior Arvizu Jr.

    It’s cool

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