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by cM Boy on July 11, 2012

Do you want to know how to backup and restore all your jailbreak apps and tweaks with their settings, preferences and Cydia sources ? There are many solutions but PkgBackup is the best one.

Saving and restoring all your jailbreak data is always a little confusing and thats the reason why users show a little resistance moving to a newer iOS version whose jailbreak is released. Its just because they have to install all tweaks and their settings from all over again. Well PkgBackup is here to solve these issues.

Although its user interface looks a little complicated but we are here to show everything related to it and after reading the whole post, you will use it with full confidence.

Purchase and Install PkgBackup from Cydia:

PkgBackup is available for download from Cydia Store under BigBoss Repository. You don’t need to add any Cydia repo because BigBoss is already added in Cydia by default. All you need to do is to open Cydia and go to the Search tab and type “PkgBackup”. Purchase the app and Install it on your iOS device.

Yes, the good things in this world are not for free. PkgBackup is currently priced $9.99. Expensive? After reading the whole post, you will be convinced to buy it plus we have give away copies for you at the end of the post.

install PkgBackup

Setting Up PkgBackup

Once its installed, you will see it on your SpringBoard.


Open the app, it will show you a splash screen and then it will display a message to allow it to use your location. It helps developers to track in which parts of the world their app is used. I dont allow all the apps to use location other than the necessary ones so i cancelled it.

Then you will see the main display of PkgBackup. Now go to the Settings button on the top left corner and you will see the following screen.

backup jailbreak apps

There you will see the best thing about this app which is its ability to store your backup to different services that includes Box, SkyDrive, DropBox and SugarSync. Furthermore, you can backup your data locally on the device and restore from it (Note that local backup are erased during jailbreak so we recommend using cloud storage before jailbreaking & local backup to transfer backup to your PC/Mac for example). I have checked on DropBox because its my favorite service when it comes to cloud storage. Feel free to use the service of your choice.

PkgBackup Settings

When you click on the DropBox or any other service of your choice, it will ask you to login. You have to give login credentials of the service. I already have a DropBox account so i will login to DropBox within PkgBackup. After you login and tap on link, it will associate your DropBox account with PkgBackup.

PkgBackup DropBox

PkgBackup must be giving you warning alerts that scanning of applications and packages is disabled. All you need to go to Settings app of your iOS device and enable the first two features that are “Scan Applications” and “Scan packages”.

PkgBackup iOS Settings

iTunes Backups And How Its Different From PkgBackup

Remember PkgBackup can also save stocks iOS apps (the apps that are already installed even after a clean firmware installation like Reminders, Notes, Messages etc.) and apps data that are downloaded from App Store. But iTunes software can do the same thing (on the computer and also using iCloud) and its recommended that you let iTunes do this stuff. PkgBackup can do it as well so you can then restore selectively those apps data (ie Angry Birds high score) in the event that you lose your iTunes/iCloud backup OR what to transfert them on another device.

How To Backup Using PkgBackUp

PkgBackup provides you with so many options to what and what not should be saved using it. First of all you need to tap on the Refresh button at the bottom left corner. It will scan and refresh all the installed apps and packages on your device.

PkgBackup Refresh

As i said earlier, stock apps can be saved using iTunes so you can tap on it and manually turn off the toggle button in from of the particular apps. You can use blue arrows to tell it what should be saved.

Once you are done deciding whats should and should not be saved, now you can tap on the “Backup” button at the bottom.

Pkg Backup

It will ask you to name the Backup. Give it a name and press Ok.

PkgBackup Name

Now it will start uploading the data. As we have linked it to the DropBox, you data is now uploading to your DropBox account. Isn’t it awesome ?

PkgBackup Processing

The upload time is dependent on your Internet connection and the size of the apps you are uploading. By default, it always upload when your iOS device is connected to WiFi. This can be changed by going to the Settings app under PkgBackup but for uploading WiFi is good.

Once its done, it will show you the following alert, telling you the backup has been created. Enjoy.

PkgBackup Done Alert

How To Restore Backup

Whenever you need to restore all the data, let us say after a fresh installation of iOS, you can first use iTunes Backup on your computer or from iCloud because we recommended you not to use PkgBackup for stock iOS apps. Once its restored and now you have jailbroken your device and want all your jailbreak data and settings to come back, install PkgBackup and click on View Restore button.

PkgBackup view restore

There you will see your latest backup that you can restore. You can also click on blue arrows to check and uncheck the required packages etc. if you don’t need all of them.

As the app provides you with multiple backups, you can also select your old backups by clicking on the options displayed in the below image.

PkgBackup other backups

PkgBackups other backups 2

Once you have selected the right backup and selected the apps you want to restore, you can click on “Restore” button.

It will start downloading all the data from DropBox. Amazing. Once done, it will ask you to reboot your device. Thats it! Now you will see your jailbroken device just it was used to be and you dont need to install each and everything again. Jailbreak Apps, tweaks, settings, preferences, Cydia repos everything is there. Simply awesome.

PkgBackup Reboot

PkgBackup is developed by Jibril Gueye. You can follow him on Twitter @jibrilg. The best thing about the app is that its developer gives full support to the users. You ping him and he will respond to any issues you face related to his app.

Let us know your opinion about PkgBackup and the tutorial we wrote for you. We hope you will fully enjoy this app after reading the above post.


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