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by cM Boy on July 2, 2012

We have created a list of top best Cydia DreamBoard themes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. DreamBoard is an advanced theming platform for jailbroken iOS devices. It takes full control of Springboard and unlike Winterboard its not limited.

Here is a full description of DreamBoard:

Advanced Theming Platform. Take control over SpringBoard! Dreamboard lets you place anything from widgets to apps where ever you want. Theming is no longer limited to just icons, or having to resort to complicated setup themes involving Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc.

Dreamboard makes it easy to switch between any theme in just a few seconds. Simply launch, choose and apply! And, Dreamboard eliminates the long wait of having to restart Springboard everytime you make a change. No more resprings! Dreamboard includes a complementary copy of Endroid (HTC theme).

How To Install DreamBoard on Your iOS Device:

You have to have a jailbroken iOS device in order for it to be installed. The good thing about DreamBoard app is that its completely for free. The app is available for download in Cydia under ModMyi repository.

Open Cydia and then search for “DreamBoard” and Install it. You don’t need to add any Cydia source because ModMyi is already added in it by default. Once its installed you will see it on your Springboard.

dreamboard cydia

Open it and there you will see all the themes you have downloaded. By default there is only one theme. You can tap on any of it to launch them.

DreamBoard Themes

List Of Top DreamBoard Themes For iOS

1) Endroid DreamBoard Theme

iOS users usually do not appreciate Android that much. Endroid theme comes already added in DreamBoard and the good thing about that its completely for free. Tease your friend by showing your iOS device with Android running on it.

Endroid DreamBoard Theme Endroid HTC iPhone Theme

2) AppleWEB V2 DreamBoard Theme

This theme converts your iOS device to give ir a complete look and feel of Apple website. Open and then install this theme and you will see that they are almost exactly the same.

AppleWEB v2 Theme

iphone themes

3) Apple Desk Ultimatum

This is one of the theme that is quite different. Its more fun and honestly you can not use it practically. Its just one of the themes you install and then remove but definitely its worth taking a look. It shows you a desk with Mac and other accessories and on other screens its very similar to Sn0w Leopard and OS X Lion.

Apple Desk 2.0 Apple Desk iphone theme
ipad themes iphone theme icons

cydia dreamboard winterboard

4) BlackBerry 6.1 DreamBoard Theme

You talk about BlackBerry, well iPhone can be customized to have its look. All thanks to the jailbreak and DreamBoard, BlackBerry 6.1 theme will make you iOS device look like as there is RIM’s OS installed in it.

BlackBerry iPhone Theme

BlackBerry iPhone

BlackBerry Cydia Theme

5) BoxorHD DreamBoard Theme

Take a look at the images and then video and you will find this one of the best themes you can install on your iOS device. It has a lot of features and few of the notable ones are Live Weather, WebWidget, Rotating RSS feeds reader, Wallpaper Switcher, and PhotoLive Box.

The theme is available for download from Cydia under ModMyi repo at a price 2.99. iPad version of the theme is also available.

BoxorHD DreamBoard Theme

DreamBoard Themes

Cydia Themes

iphone themes

6) KindleFire For iPhone Theme

Kindle Fire for iPhone is a DreamBoard theme that makes your iPhone device looks like an Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Here is a full list of features that this theme provides:

  • Scrollable dock icons
  • Changeable Wallpaper and Dock image
  • Multiple default homescreens. Newsstand, Favorites and Games
  • Each row is scrollable (on Favorite and Games tabs)
  • RSS News ticker
  • Weather widget
  • iOS4 and iOS5 compatible
Kindle Fire for iPhone can be purchased from Cydia at a price $2.49.

KindleFire for iPhone

KindleFire For iPhone Theme

Kindle DreamBoard Theme

7) OS X Lion Ultomatum Theme

Ever thought of installing Mac OS X Lion on your iOS device? Well now you can have OS X Lion on your iPhone device using Lion Ultimatum theme.

Its not just only a theme that provides Lion’s look and feel but it appears as you have an actual operating system installed on your device.

Dashboard, scrollable dock, a lock screen which you can customize, Mission Control, Stacks, Launchpad, Finder Menus almost everything is there in the Ultimatum.

Mac Os x Lion On iPhone

Lion Ultamatum Theme

Lion on iPhone

Install Lion on iOS

Mac On iPhone

8) OS7 DreamBoard Theme

This theme will allow you to have Windows Phone 7 experience on iOS. It features customizable start menu and live tiles are simply awesome. Holding any app also offers options to pin it to the start menu just like in the original WP7.

OS7 is available for download from ModMyi repository and its absolutely for free. Just search OS7 in Cydia and install it. Enjoy!

Windows Phone 7 iPhone Theme WP7 OS DreamBoard Theme
WP7 On iPhone WP7 On iPhone iPad

If you have any favorite themes or you want to share, you can let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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