Use Your Mac’s Keyboard To Type On iPhone, iPad Or Even On Android devices


by casey on November 17, 2011

Do you like to type using a physical keyboard to write on your iOS device. Yes the iOS allows you to connect you iDevices with bluetooth keyboard but What if you like to type on your iPhone or iPad using your Mac’s keyboard ? There is an app for that.

Type2Phone, allows you to use your Mac’s keyboard to type on your iPhone and iPad. Cool?

This is how Type2Phone works. It presents your Mac as a bluetooth keyboard in front of the iOS devices that connects with it and takes the input. So those who wish to buy a separate bluetooth keyboard can instead just buy this app.

type2phone mac to iphone

Remember that it required bluetooth pairing so theoretically we can also use Mac’s keyboard to connect it with an Android device.

Type2Phone is great for those who want to say a lot in the text but of course it fast to write on a physical keyboard. Specially if you are texting with someone and need to write mathematical formulas etc.

Also better for those want to respond to text messages while working on the Macbook pro or air what ever you have.

Apart from how it can comfort users in different ways, its not that expensive as compared to buying a physical keyboard.

Type2Phone is available for download from Mac App Store at a price $4.99. Make sure the bluetooth is on and discoverable.

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