SBFacebook Creates Custom Shortcut Icons On SpringBoard For Facebook Notification, Messages, Friends Requests Etc.


by casey on November 17, 2011

We remember when FaceBook Messenger was released. Although the official app has the ability to show you Facebook messages but a separate app for viewing and creating Facebook message was well appreciated by the users.

What if we want to create such custom apps on our Springboard that separately provides small Facebook services instead of jumping in to a lot of stuff in the official app by the company. Of course you don’t want 20 such apps on your iOS device springboard. But only the ones required by you. To serve this purpose, SbFacebook is here.

SBFacebook is a newly released Cydia App that allows you to create custom shortcut icons on the Springboard that links directly to different tasks in the official FaceBook app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

sbFacebook functions

SBFacebook app comes with more than 30 functions including instantly view your notifications, check your FaceBook messages and Friend Requests etc.

The fun is not over. There is more you can do with this app. You can also create custom icons that will link you to specific people’s wall or Photos.

sbFacebook settings


Remember you need to have official Facebook App installed your device in order for this app to function. You also need to have profile id of the person you are linking to. Remember its a Cydia app, so it is capable to work on jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only.

The app is available for download from Cydia Store under ModMyi repository at a price $1. So what do you thing? You downloading it ?

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