Microsoft Warns Not To Use Homebrew WP7 Update Tools


by casey on April 9, 2011

Microsoft warns Windows Phone 7 users who are using homebrew update tools to get early hands on the WP7 NoDo Copy and Paste update. The Redmond giant is asking not to use such WP7 update tools. Those who are involved in such activity might not be getting future updates.

This is what they have posted:

Weíre working hard to get this job done as quickly as possible. But Iíve noticed that some of you are turning to homebrew solutions to update your phone immediately. As an engineer and a gadget lover, I totally understand the impulse to tinker. You want the latest technology and youíre tired of waiting. Believe me, I get it.

But my strong advice is: wait. If you attempt one of these workarounds, we canít say for sure what might happen to your phone because we havenít fully tested these homebrew techniques. You might not be getting the important device-specific software we would typically deliver in the official update. Or your phone might get misconfigured and not receive future updates.

Windows Phone 7 Nodo Update

Let us see when they release WP7 NoDo update for all users.†A few of the reports says that those with carrier branded devices from cell phone providers will have to wait more for the NoDo update.

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