Hack Forces To Get You WP7 NoDo Update


by casey on April 1, 2011

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Update has become just controversial for no good reason. Although the update is now present but not available for all the carriers. A few of the reports says that those with carrier branded devices from cell phone providers will have to wait more for the NoDo update. We do not want to go deep in these controversies. All we have is a small kind of hack to get it early on your device if not available to you for any reason.

Here is how you get it:

1. Start Zune
2. Turn off Data connection and Wifi on the Phone
3. Connect the Phone with the PC (USB)
4. Start the update search in Zune
5. About 3 seconds later, disconnect your PC from the internet (Turn WLAN off).
6. Zune finds NoDo-Update. Press OK.
7. Connect to the internet again and install the update. via

Windows Phone 7 Nodo Update

Previously there were some VPS tricks that forced to connect your system with places where it was available. But just look at the above method which is more than simple.

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  • Marhorn

    Tried it a few times and it didnt work….then BOOM, thank you so much! It took its time on step 6…and 7 lol but im on 8 and cant wait till it done! nnThank you

  • James

    Worked first time on my T-Mobile HTC HD7. Thanks

  • Jnelson008

    If I do this in my Samsung Focus, when AT&T finally releases theirs, will I get it, or does this hack include the manufacuturers updates also? I mainly just want my phone to stop lagging.

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