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by casey on February 26, 2011

Here is another interesting news. Have you ever thought of playing PlayStation3 games on your iOS device?? Yes you can play PS3 games on your iDevice. Pandaelf, a group of developers have found a way which offers PS3 games on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. That sounds interesting.

So how they are able to do such a thing, the team connected a capture device to PlayStation3 console for sening video data to the computer, a USB keyboard or mouse with a PS3 console for sending button control commands. everyAir was installed on the PC to help it understand custom gestures. The output is transferred to PlayStation3 console using the input operator.

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Q: What’s the overall picture for how this works?
A: The trick is to connect a capture device and a USB mouse/keyboard device to the PS3. The capture device sends video data to the PC, and the USB keyboard/mouse sends the button presses. On the PC itself, you run a custom build of everyAir which understands custom gestures and pipes the input to the PC which then sends it to the PS3 via the input interpreter.

Q: What were some of the hurdles?
A: There are two problems to solve: sending the video signal to the iOS device and sending back input from the iOS device. Sending the video signal is solved by using an off the shelf capture device, and then sending back the input is a combination of a custom build of everyAir with an off the shelf mouse/keyboard device that connects to the PS3.

Q: How do you send input to the PS3?
A: Using one of those USB Keyboard/Mouse devices. For example, Eagle Eye (search for it on Amazon).

Q: How do you get the video signal from the PS3 to the iOS device?
A: We do this by using an off the shelf capture device. The capture device connects to the PC, TV, and to the PS3. The result is that a livestream of the PS3′s video signal ends up on the PC.

Q: How do you connect to the PC from the iOS device?
A: Using everyAir – our remote desktop application.

Q: How does everyAir understand the game gestures?
A: We’re using a custom build of everyAir, and it’s hardcoded to understand these gestures. Additionally, it knows how to pipe input to the mouse/kb device in a way that it expects.

Q: Will this be publicly available?
A: We plan to release a fully customizable version at some point in the future.

The whole method do not offer good graphics if you compare to PS3 console. But surely the team deserve credit. Its just one step, who knows when they become able to do it with no flaws. No estimated time of arrival has been told. Stay connected to We will be updating you as soon as they we get another update.

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