Cyberelevat0r Jailbreak For iOS 7.1.1 Shown By Stefan Esser


by cM Boy on May 22, 2014

German security researcher Stefan Esser, who goes by the name i0n1c on Twitter, has posted a video showing Cyberelevat0r jailbreak, a tool achieve untethered iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak.

CyberElevat0r Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 Untethered

A few days back, Esser posted a photo of jailbroken iPhone 5C device running iOS 7.1.1. Some people call him a troll and others called him a lier, but he showed of a video demonstrating Cyberelevat0r.

The video posted by Esser shows that the security researcher was able to successfully install Cydia on his device along with a couple of jailbreak utilities. To complete the proof, he also rebooted the device in order to confirm that Cyberelevat0r is indeed untethered.

Previously, he posted on a website all the details he used to achieve the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak.

Esser previously claimed that his latest achievement is not based on a long vulnerability chain. It uses a single beautiful kernel bug that goes from mobile to kernel.

The fact that his jailbreak is using single vulnerability to bypass the security made it a valuable exploit. Evad3rs, the team behind Evasi0n jailbreak tool, believes that the security of the mobile operating system by Apple has gone too tough and it requires multiple vulnerabilities chained together to achieve the result.

Since the arrival of iOS 4, the only time we have seen a ha3ker using single vulnerability to acheive the jailbreak, came in the form of JailbreakMe, by the famous Comex, who later left the jailbreak community to work for Apple.

Esser has not posted any details related to the public release of Cyberelevator jailbreak. He could be just teasing to show off his work which he has the right to do so. The other possibility is that he would keep the valuable work for future use, since we are very near to the release of iOS 8.

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