Jailbreak Cydia Apps And Tweaks For iOS 5.1.1 – Compatibility List


by cM Boy on June 2, 2012

iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak in the form of Absinthe 2.0 was released few days back by Pod2g and fellow developers during the Hack In The Box security conference. With the release of jailbreak, many jailbreak developers have upgraded their apps to support the latest version of iOS.

Although many apps are not working but they will eventually become supportive to iOS 5.1.1. We have created a list of working jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 5.1.1. Although we cannot cover all apps and tweaks but the very important ones are in the list below. The list contains names with a short description of what they do. It will also help new jailbreak users who are not aware of different functionalities that they can get after jailbreaking their iOS device.

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  1. Activator – Application launcher for tweaks providing centralized gestures, buttons and shortcuts.
  2. Sliderwidth – Change the width of lock screen slider according to your need.
  3. AndroidLock XT – Android like lock screen password
  4. AppList – Query list of installed apps and provides preference pane.
  5. AppLocker – Set passwords on your apps
  6. AssistantExtensions – A plugin architecture allowing developers to extend Siri functionality
  7. Barrel – Adds a bunch of graphical movements for springboard icons when you scroll them
  8. BytaFont – Change fonts of iOS
  9. BiteSMS – A complete replacement to by default SMS app. It provides more functionalities.
  10. Brightslide – Change brightness of your iOS device with a gesture
  11. Callbar – Notify incoming calls with a bar on top without interrupting you from what you are doing.
  12. Celest Blutooth File Sharing – Bluetooth file transfer app
  13. Cleverpin – Makes iOS device ask for passcode intelligently. Disables it when you are connected to home network or listening to music.
  14. Color Keyboard – Colorize iPhone keyboard color
  15. Copic – Shows images in contacts
  16. Cydelete – Allows Cydia apps to be deleted by pressing and holding and then clicking on the cross
  17. Dashboard X – Allows you to place notification center widgets on homescreen or dashboard.
  18. Dockhide – Hides the dock on your springboard
  19. DoNotDisturb – Disables alerts and notification when enabled.
  20. Dreamboard – Advanced theming platform. Takes control over springboard.
  21. FakeCarrier – Change the name of carrier to any name of your choice.
  22. Five Icon Dock – Increases the number of dock icons to five.
  23. Forecast – Adds a weather widget on your lock screen
  24. Graviboard – When activated, makes your icons fall in downward direction. Adds gravity to icons.
  25. Gridlock – Arrange icons on the springboard in what ever way you want
  26. iBlacklist – Filter calls and SMS that are unwanted
  27. iFile – Browse the iOS filesystem just like you browse files on Mac with Finder
  28. iKeyWi – Customize your keyboard like adding fifth row etc.
  29. Infinidock – Allows scolling of dock with more than four icons
  30. Infinifolders – Scroll folders with unlimited icons.
  31. IntelliScreenX – Adds widgets on your lock screen including notification center, Facebook, Twitter, RSS etc.
  32. iShakeLock – Shake your device to lock in
  33. LocationHolic – It shows any location as your iPhone’s location by spoofing
  34. MobileTerminal – Command line terminal
  35. MusicCenter – Adds music widget in iOS notification center
  36. My3G – Add FaceTime over 3G
  37. MyWi – Internet tethering solution for iOS
  38. OpenSSH – Allows for SSH communication
  39. ProTube – YouTube downloader for iOS
  40. PkgBackup – Backup your Cydia apps and tweaks
  41. Remove BG – SBSettings toggle to kill background apps
  42. SbSettings – Toggles WiFi, 3G, SSH, and more
  43. Spite – Siri Port for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3G / 4G
  44. Springtomize 2 – Springboard customization
  45. TetherMe – Adds Internet tethering features
  46. UnlockFX – Animated Slide to unlock
  47. WiFi Passwords – Keeps record of your WiFi passwords.
  48. WinterBoard – SpringBoard themes
  49. Wraparound – Infinite scrolling on springboard. You don’t have to scroll back to all screens.
  50. Zephyr – Multitouch gestures, notification center viewing with gesture, multitasking switcher
  51. Zeppelin – Changes Carrier name and replaces it with a logo
  52. Display Recorder – records video of your iOS display

Kindly update us with more apps and tweaks that are fully functional on iOS 5.1.1 so we can add them in the list. You can suggest us by writing in the comment section below.

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