Stefan Esser Talks About iOS Jailbreak Community And Piracy In An Interview


by cM Boy on May 15, 2012

Users who have been jailbreaking their devices for a while must know Stefan Esser (@i0n1c), a security expert same person who previously provided iOS 4.3.1 / 4.3.2 / 4.3.3 untethered jailbreak exploits to the iPhone Dev Team who packaged it and released updated Redsn0w to the public. Recently we told you that he has already jailbroken iPad 3 on iOS 5.1.1 but he won’t release it to the public. We all know Esser is capable of solving the most complicated problems that developers face while working on the jailbreak. But on the other hand he mocks the jailbreak users for piracy.

Stefan Esser has recently given an interview to an Italian website where he answered many questions related to the jailbreaking. Check out the interview:

stefan esser

For most of our users, you’re famous thanks to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.3.X and recently the technique has not been issued to jailbreak iPhone OS 5.1 and 5.1.1: how to address the issue of security of IOS?

Addressing the safety of IOS is how to deal with any matter of safety, with the difference that is much more challenging the safety or PHP web application that was my previous field of research. The other difference is that hacking the iPhone and search for materials for the jailbreak gets you in touch with the actual consumer, directly benefiting your business and this is very different from other fields safely. Most of the time you’re dealing only with applications developers do not like to see problems in their code, or administrators who need to upgrade to the latest version of a piece of software. I assume that there are many fields in the internal security of the consumer actually ever heard the name or nickname of a person involved in finding vulnerabilities or exploits that have written the same. Having done both experiences, I would prefer a developer angry that a “jailbreaker” angry.

We heard that you release the jailbreak iPhone OS 5.1 and iPhone OS 5.1.1 because, for many users, jailbreak means piracy: is there a way to lock it?

Whatever you have heard about why I’m releasing the jailbreak is very probably wrong. The “jailbreak community” tends to take random tweet and spread rumors and conspiracy theories around these. For example, I get a huge number of requests via email or twitter every day from people willing to pay to get the jailbreak because they heard that I sell. I never said I’d sold my jailbreak, I have only discussed the fact that, while developers do all the work for free there are a lot ‘of people who collect a lot of money with every new jailbreak:

  • The programmers who create programs for Cydia;
  • The editors of the jailbreak guides and sites of IOS (including advertising);
  • Those who do pay to make a jailbreak (theoretically free), or use the public exploits for malicious purposes, or conduct studies of devices jailbrekkati and then sell the data in their analyzes and, ultimately, people who use the ‘ bootrom exploit to create expensive software for government agencies.

I may have forgotten others who earn the jailbreak, but I think he made the idea. The people in the “jailbreak community” does not seem to understand that from my point of view, to spend months of work to perfect a jailbreak and then release it for free is a waste of time. And of course they get upset when I say this because they fear that pod2g to persuade him to use his time to something more important.

Speaking of piracy. I’m pretty sure it would be possible to make a jailbreak which would block the most common ways to install pirated applications on devices. But there is no way to prevent the pirates to prevent them from doing the reverse of the jailbreak and change: it may take him a little ‘, because all the jailbreak iPhone OS require low-level code in the kernel that can do all the dirty tricks but eventually find the way. Maybe not fast enough until Apple does not close the vulnerabilities and “kill” actually jailbreak. The game would not be worth the candle. Why should someone like pod2g MuscleNerd or spend days or weeks to write code like that, knowing it would last only a few days.

If users do today jailbreak only for purposes related to piracy, do you think there are still some who do it to have complete control of your iPhone?

Obviously there are people who perform the jailbreak because they want total control of your iPhone, the need to install the latest tweak in Cydia and other reasons. But each of these groups have too much self-esteem of himself. The vast majority of people always have things to jailbrekkato pirated or for unlocking your phone: anyone who denies this claim is delusional. When you look at people jailbroken iPhone, you’ll see that many apps installed on your device, and Apple is lucky if they have paid for each program.

And yes, there is also a group of people who claim to download the applications and then buy them because there is no other way to try before you buy. Personally I think Apple could solve this legitimate request by offering users the opportunity to do so.

For me it does not matter because the jailbreak is done, has no influence in my decision not to lose months of work to let people do what they want.

What do you think about the iCommunity? Do you think that is populated with users from pirated or people who, for example, will often send threatening messages?

Pirates are everywhere and I’m not interested. If you lose sleep because of them, then good luck to your survival in this world.

I think the “jailbreak community” is suffering from something far worse: it is “contaminated” by leeches who do not consider other people’s work and the effort needed to create some things. Believe they have the right to take whatever you see, and if you do not get enough tears, or “owning” the developers of the iPhone jailbreak and unlock for that they should produce in all eternity or wordlessly. You realize how delusional people are like that when you get messages such as: “Without us you are nothing, we follow you on Twitter and we’ve made it famous,” and then there are messages like, ‘Take him to follow a lesson. ”

Every time I see these posts I hope for mankind that these people are not convinced of what they say. People do not become famous because it has thousands of followers on Twitter, but it’s the other way: that is, are those people to have created something that the masses have enjoyed and gained followers. It’s up to you whether you consider yourself famous because few people know your name. I do not think it can be considered a famous until you come recognized on the street and you have to hide from the paparazzi. In any case, the amount of Twitter followers is only a concern to me, because it is directly linked to the number of people who have to manually lock.

How you deal with these people every day? That is, not everyone can tolerate such a situation for long. For example, I remember that because of this, held his geohot jailbreak iPhone OS 4.X From Twitter see at least some of your supporters for your hard work?

I do not think it has anything to do with “bear such a situation” at the beginning come irritated and can not believe the amount of anger and demands from the people but once it goes beyond the initial shock, just keep doing what want. I can understand when he held geohot jailbreak iPhone OS 4.X due to these people, because they get this type of reaction is a warning that I reallizare they are not worthy of your work, issued free of charge. In any case geohot and the Chronic Dev Team are / were also collecting donations, so they got enough to go ahead.

I also think part of this whole thing is caused by some of the jailbreak developers who write post where he said it was their intention to work day and night to release the new “change” to users. This blatant lie is the kind of statement that the crowd would love it, when in fact the work is done when there is time and mood to do it. Either way, tell people the truth will only create antipathy toward you and most likely, this would amount to less donations.

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