Cydia On Mac: Mac OS Will Get Cydia Jailbreak App Store When It Works Says Saurik


by casey on September 18, 2011

Ever thought what happend to Cydia on Mac project? It was December last year when Saurik confirmed Cydia software for Mac OS X. After few days he developed a new version of MobileSubstrate to which he called “CydiaSubstrate” with the ability to run on both iOS and Mac OS. After that we received no comments on what happend to the Cydia Mac project. Now we have an update on it.

Mac OS will get Cydia jailbreak store when it works, says Founder of Cydia, Jay Freeman as known as Saurik. He gave this statement during his talk on MyGreatFest, world’s first iOS jailbreak conference.

Jay Freeman

Saurik explains that when he first came up with the idea of a Cydia software for Mac OS, a lot of people were unable to understand why would one need to jailbreak the Mac. People were interested to know about iOS jailbreaking but showed negligible interest in an un official app store for Mac OS. Due to which Saurik got less support to work and release it.

A few months later, Apple released Mac OS Lion and people started to compare things that they can do on iOS and things they can do on Macs. This situation resulted in a lot of emails from users and the devs asking Saurik about the project CydiaSubstrate that was supposed to be there. After getting a good response, Saurik decided to work on this project again.

Now you must be thing about its release date. The developer has given no commets on it other than “I will release it when it works

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