StyleUnlock Cydia App Released To Unlock iPhone Lock Screen Using Various Gestures


by casey on August 18, 2011

StyleUnlock is a new jailbreak app that can unlock iPhone‘s lock screen with a lot of cool gestures. You can unlock your iPhone device with a pinch, single tab, double tap, swipe to any direction etc. You just name the gesture and its in there to unlock your iPhone’s lock screen.

The app is developed by a 13 year young developer Akhil Tolani who is into development as a hobby.

There is another option to hide the slider which is the by default option to unlock your iOS lock screen. But it is not recommended by the developer himself because if you forget which gesture you have selected, you will have a lot of trouble unlocking it. What trouble ? You have to try all possible combinations and you don’t wanna do it.

Unlock iPhone Lock Screen

Here are the gestures it provides to unlock your iOS device’s lock screen:

  • 1 Finger Swipe Up
  • 1 Finger Swipe Down
  • 1 Finger Swipe Left
  • 1 Finger Swipe Right
  • 1 Finger Tap and Hold
  • 1 Finger Double Tap
  • 2 Finger Tap Once
  • 2 Finger Swipe Up
  • 2 Finger Swipe Down
  • 2 Finger Swipe Left
  • 2 Finger Swipe Right
  • 2 Finger Tap and Hold
  • Pinch with 2 Fingers

StyleUnlock unlock lockscreen

If you are using some passcode as well, it will not bypass your passcode to unlock using the gestures it provides.

StyleUnlock is available for download for free under BigBoss repository. You have to go to Settings to configure it as it provides no homescreen icon.

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