iOS 5 To End Jailbreaking & Jailbreak App Store Cydia?


by casey on May 29, 2011

An interesting debate is going on the Internet and jailbreak community right now. A rumor says that Apple is going to end jailbreaking and jailbreak community with the announcement of iOS 5. We decided to share what we think about this. Technically its not possible and seems like its just a rumor. On the other hand, Apple is expected to bring a lot of cool features in the upcoming iOS 5 that were previously only available when you use Cydia tweaks and application. Of course they can not bring all of them but imagine if the most common jailbreak app functionalities to be already there in the iOS 5 ?  Will you still jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device ?? Are you still going to love Cydia ?

Revamped Notifications, voicemail to text, new widget system, more network carriers (unlocked on many carriers), over the air auto updates, expose style iOS multi tasking etc etc. are the expected features in the upcoming iOS 5. Seems like there is a lot more than we are expecting. Imagine if they have implemented 25 of the most famous functionalities in iOS 5 that are currently present only in the jailbreak app store Cydia ?? So are you going to ditch jailbreaking ??

There is also a news that the developer of Mobile Notfier tweak has stopped working on it due to the possible arrival of revamped notifications in iOS5.

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