PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Code Mistakenly Retweeted By Sony’s Kevin Butler


by casey on February 9, 2011

Here is something interesting. Sony’s Vice President Kevin Butler has mistakenly retweeted PlayStation 3 jailbreak code. That is going to be very complicated for the Sony to defend this point if raised during the Sony-GeoHot trial. If you are unaware, Sony has sued GeoHot for jailbreaking Playstation 3 firmware 3.55.

A person on Twitter with the username @exiva send a tweet to Kevin Butler saying:

46 DC EA D3 17 FE 45 D8 09 23 EB 97 E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2 Come at me, @TheKevinButler

sony ps3 code tweet

Kevin Butler replying to the person retweeted it:

Lemme guess… you sank my Battleship? RT @exiva 46 DC EA D3 17 FE 45 D8 09 23 EB 97 E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2 Come at me, @TheKevinButler

Another interesting thing is that @exiva don’t even own a PS3 console. On the other hand, Sony’s VP has more than 70 thousand followers on Twitter. So the news distributed like a bomb.

The tweet has been removed by Sony or Kevin Butler himself realizing it as a mistake. But a screenshot has been taken by many people before the tweet was removed.

kevin butler ps3 code jailbreak tweet

Sony is showing too much aggression after GeoHot jailbroke PlayStation 3 firmware 3.55. If you unaware of the whole story, the young hacker George Hotz aka GeoHot was involved in the PlayStation 3 firmware 3.55 jailbreak. The 21 year old New Jersey Geohot is well known in the jailbreak and unlock community. Sony sued GeoHot. After that, US District Judge Susan Yvonne Illston approved Sony’s request for temporary restraining order (TRO) against GeoHot. The young hacker has been ordered to immediately stop the distribution of Homebrew Signing Tools for PS3 3.55 Jailbreak.

UPDATE: Sony vs. GeoHot Lawsuit has come to an end

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