5-Row Keyboard For iOS 4 Enhances Typing Speed On iPhone, iPad & iPad


by casey on December 7, 2010

5-Row Keyboard is a jailbreak tweak that has a self explanatory name. The tweak activates a bigger, 5-row keyboard. Numeric keys set themselves as the top row of iOS keyboard that do not bother you to constantly keep on changing the keyboard layout for typing numbers.

You have to add the keyboard in the General > Keyboard settings pane as it will not be automatically added once you install it.

The one and only problem with the 5-Row Keyboard is that it disable the keyboard capability to capitalize the beginnings of sentences automatically. For most of the people this could be problematic.

5-Row Keyboard iOS 4 is available in the Cydia store at a price of $0.99. You can install the tweak on any any version of iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 4.

5 row keyword app iphone

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