Privacy Policy

VeryRite is fully responsible of its user’s privacy policy who visits our website .Our team gives prime importance to the privacy factor of its users and subscribers.

Following is the information of what we and many websites store when a user visits a website:

When a visitors comes to the website, Internet Protocol or IP address which is the logical address of that users can be seen and can be saved. Other than the IP address, OS or operating system name, ISP or Internet Service Provider and country name can also be seen by the administrators. The total time or to what we call Sessions can also be recorded of each user. Each IP address can be seen visiting which posts or articles on the website.

If you like to comment on any article, your typed name, email and website(optional) is sent to our administrators. Other than this back-links to and Ping-backs are also saved.

Comments are held for moderation and do not appear until one of our administrator approves it. is a no follow back website by default. So spammers do not waste your time for getting back-links by commenting irrelevant stuff.

All mentioned information is a non-personal information which VeryRite collects to target ads and observing their effectiveness.

If you have any kind of questions regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us by clicking HERE.