Save SnapChat Pictures And Videos On iPhone With SnapHack


by cM Boy on October 15, 2013

Want to save SnapChat pictures and videos on your iPhone without alarming the sender? A new app named SnapHack is approved in the App Store that allows you to do so. That means no disappearing videos or photos which is SnapChat’s point of sale.

You don’t need to have a jailbroken device. Yes NO Cydia is required because the app we are talking about is available in the App Store.

SnapHack, developed by Darren Jones who publishes his apps under the name DAP Login, has earlier submitted an App named Iconical that allows users to customise iOS apps.

save snapchat pictures iphone

You can also save the screenshots by pressing the home and power button just like the you usually take screenshots on your iPhone but doing so with SnapChat, will inform the sender that you have done so. With SnapHack, the sender won’t be alarmed that you have tried to take a screenshot.

SnapHack is currently available in the App Store for $0.99. The creator of the app says that he hasn’t received any word from the SnapChat guys. Jones added that he has also developed and submitted a new version of his app that allows users to forward and share these saved photos to friends.

You can login in SnapHack with the same username as you use for SnapChat. Then you will see all the SnapChat photos and videos you have received so far and even the ones that you haven’t opened so far.

Remember that SnapHack will only let you save these SnapChats if you are opening them for the very first time. If you have already opened these messages in SnapChat then it won’t allow you to save them.

That means if you have received a SnapChat message from a friend and you haven’t opened the SnapChat app yet. Then you can first go to SnapHack and save them.

After that you can go to SnapChat and see the message and it will disappear from there but if you come back to SnapHack app, that message will still be there.

SnapHack is yet another reminder that nothing on the Internet can be hundred percent private. You are sending someone your private photos, so you better know that there is always a possibility that it could go wrong. So think before you send!

SnapHack download is available in the App Store at $0.99. It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

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