Save iOS 7 SHSH Blobs With TinyUmbrella 7.00.00


by cM Boy on September 22, 2013

Notcom has released an updated version of TinyUmbrella to save iOS 7 SHSH blobs on the latest devices. The new TinyUmbrella 7.00.00 saves SHSH blobs on iOS 7 and supports newly released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

tinyumbrella ios 7

Apple has released the public version of iOS 7 along with two new iPhone models 5S and 5C this week.

“I just updated TU for the 4 new iPhone 5* devices. TU supports saving SHSH for iOS 7 and 7.0.1 (for the new devices about to be released)”, says NotCom, the developer behind TinyUmbrella. “Perhaps eventually we’ll be able to restore to these firmwares using local SHSHs but remember that currently local restores are primarily for older devices (non a5 devices and lower!)”

So if you own an iOS 7 device with A5 chip or higher, you should save your SHSH blobs just to be on the safe side. May be you will need them in future.

If you are new to this topic and wondering why do you need to save SHSH blobs? Well, SHSH blobs allows you to downgrade your device to the previous version of the iOS. For example, if you save iOS 7 SHSH blobs, and some developers release its jailbreak, Apple will quickly patch the exploit and release an updated software let us say iOS 7.1. In that case, iOS 7 SHSH blobs of your device will allow you to downgrade your device from iOS 7.1 anytime you want to keep enjoying the jailbreak and Cydia on your device.

Although the downgrading is becoming less popular but there are people who still want to go to the previous version.

The process is not that hard. All you need to do is to download the software, connect your device and click on the save SHSH blobs button.

Download TinyUmbrella for iOS 7

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