Google Glass Gets The Jailbreak Treatment


by cM Boy on April 28, 2013

Just few days after the release to the developers, Google Glass has been jailbroken, allowing users to have full control over its operating system, confirms Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia who goes by the name Saurik.

“#ifihadglass I would jailbreak it and modify the software (obviously). As Google actually sold me one; I did my part”, Freeman said on his Twitter account along with the following image:

google glass jailbreak

The jailbreaking or rooting the mobile device allows users to free the device from the restrictions put on it by the manufactures. Although we are not sure what restrictions will come along with the consumer version of Google Glass.

Jay Freeman as known as Saurik is famous for creating Cydia, an unofficial App Store for iOS devices that has become extremely popular.

As Google Glass comes with Android operating system, Saurik tested different exploits that were previously effective on Android. He applied these on the Glass and one of them worked.

“It took me two hours while I was having dinner with friends at the time,” Freeman told Forbes. “The implementation from B1nary is for normal Android tablets and phones, I learned how it worked and then did the same thing on Glass…which was quite simple.”

Other developers have also jailbroken the device reportedly and confirmed that as of now rooting it is very easy.

Now we know that Apple gets very aggressive if they hear the term jailbreak associated with their devices but unlike them, it looks like for Glass, Google has plans to be more open just like Android operating system itself.

“Yes, Glass is hackable. Duh.” said Google staffer Tim Bray in a tweet that shows they were expecting it already.

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