Comex, JailbreakMe Developer, Joins Google


by cM Boy on April 25, 2013

Nicholas Allegra who goes by the name Comex, extremely popular among the jailbreak community, has joined Google.

In other news, I’m going to intern for Google in a few weeks,” said Allegra on his Twitter account.

The developer’s previous job was at Apple, from where he was fired for delaying to reply to an email. But now he will be joining Apple’s biggest competitor as an intern.

Comex is famous for creating the software named JailbreakMe, that previously allowed the users to remove the restrictions on the iOS devices put by Apple. The practice is referred to as “Jailbreak”.

comex jailbreakme

The extremely talented developer has not given any details of what kind of work he will be doing at Google. But he won’t be working on the Android suggests his Twitter conversation with P0sixninja, another famous name of the jailbreak community.

Not going to be involved with Android, and also I don’t like it enough to ever want to hack it” said Comex in a reply to P0sixninja.

Back when he was last seen active working for the jailbreak community, he became very popular when he released JailbreakMe 3.0, a userland jailbreak to hack iOS 4.3.3, which resulted in jailbreaking the iPad 2 for the very first time after its launch.

Many developers were amazed to see that he was able to inject into the iOS single handedly. These days, more than one developer works in a team to find holes in iOS, the most secure operating system for mobile devices. Comex was later hired by Apple and he left the jailbreak community.

It is obvious that we are not going to see the young gifted developer working for jailbreak community again, at least not in the near future.

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