Untethered Jailbreak Apple TV2 5.2 With Seas0nPass


by cM Boy on February 14, 2013

FireCore has released an updated version of Seas0nPass to jailbreak second generation Apple TV 5.2. The newly released tool is using the same exploit developed by Evad3rs team used in the Evasi0n jailbreak.

It is to be noted that the update is for second generation Apple TV or older on the latest firmware released last month. It is NOT compatible with Apple TV3. We know that a lot of users have been asking for untethered jailbreak for ATV3 but there is no update on it.

In addition to Seas0nPass untethered jailbreak, FireCore team has also updated aTV Flash (black) to version 2.2. As there is an official support for Bluetooth keyboards in Apple TV 5.2, the team has been working for a seamless experience in aTV Flash (black) 2.2.

Other than that, the update also brought minor improvements to backups and DVS playback along with other bug fixes and enhancements.

seasonpass 5.2

Download Seas0nPass

The FireCore team has also provided a complete how to guide to use Seas0nPass tool in a support document that you can find here. If you are a newbie, you can check the guide, otherwise its quite self explanatory.

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