iOS 7 Jailbreak Will Be Very Complicated, Developers Ready With Exploits


by cM Boy on February 9, 2013

iOS 7 jailbreak is still far far away. As of now, Apple’s engineers are busy trying to patch the vulnerabilities in iOS 6.1 that are used by Evad3rs team to release Evasi0n.

With every firmware revision, the company adds more security features in their mobile operating system. The upcoming version iOS 6.1.1 is expected to patch the security holes used by the developers to release the public jailbreak but iOS 7 that most likely will be introduced in WWDC is expected to add more enhanced security features that will make it more complicated to inject Cydia.

It is no secret that jailbreaking has become more and more complicated. As earlier mentioned by Jay Freeman, it took developers 136 days to jailbreak iOS 6.1 compared to 98 days for iPhone 4S, 38 days for iPhone 4 and just 14 days for iPhone 3GS.

evasi0n jailbreak wallpaper

The point is, next time it might take more time because we don’t know yet the level of security that will arrive with iOS 7.

But wait. Is jailbreaking going to end ? No, not yet. Reported by Forbes, jailbreakers are ready for the next version and they have plenty of bugs waiting for future iOS devices. Isn’t it great?

Evad3rs, the same team that released Evasi0n, claims that it had plenty of exploits capable to jailbreak iOS 6.1 a month ago but they didn’t release it and waited and worked on less valuable exploits so they can save the big shots for future.

Yiduo David Wang as known as PlanetBeing, one of the members of Evad3rs team said that they didn’t replace just one part of the jailbreak, instead they completely replace all of it with less important exploits to save the better ones for future versions of iOS. The only bug they didn’t replace was used for operating at kernel level, the deepest and most secured part of the operating system.

Other than that, they have found replacements for all other bugs. PlanetBeing is confident that with more research, they would be able to crack the next version as well.

“Even if we could only find another one or two more [bugs], we’d still have at least one more jailbreak left in us,” he says. “It’s getting harder. But there are still a lot of vulnerabilities left.”

It is to be noted that Envasi0n and one earlier to it that was called Absinthe are made by a group of developers unlike the previous ones like JailbreakMe that was released by Comex single handedly. Instead of the big one or two exploits, they have found it better to use small ones but more in number and chain them together to complete the task.

“It was just a question of being able to cleverly chain all these things together,” says Wang. ”These small bugs demonstrably can lead to compromise of the entire operating system.”

Apple’s iOS is no doubt the most secure operating system on the planet that is used by millions but not everyone can pass through its security.

On the other hand, more and more users want Cydia in their devices which of course is only possible if the device is jailbroken. According to the recent update, 7 million iOS devices are jailbroken in just 4 days of the public release.

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