Evasi0n.com Received 5 Million Unique Visitors, 40 Million Page Views In 3 Days


by cM Boy on February 7, 2013

Pod2g has shared some very interesting statistics on their newly released jailbreak for iOS 6.x. Evasi0n.com, the official website for the jailbreak has received more than 5 million unique visitors and 40 million page views in just three days.

The mentioned statistics starts from Feb 4, one day before they officially released it to the public. This is simply mind blowing.

Evasi0n jailbreak tool saw more than 100,000 downloads in first 10 minutes of the launch and no wonder why Cydia itself was unable to handle such a huge spike of users until its creator Jay Freeman cleared the issue.

The developer on his blog also posted an image that shows the origin of traffic. It is interesting to see that China is on number one spot with almost 3 million visitors taking almost 20 percent of the share followed by United States and France.

evasi0n.com stats

More than 2.5 million visitors are from United States taking almost 17 percent share of the total traffic so far. Other countries in the top ten are Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and Canada.

Last year we posted an update that discusses China and its love for jailbreaking. Almost 35 percent of the total iOS devices in China were jailbroken. We bet the number has even increased now.

Evasi0n jailbreak is very stable and we haven’t seen a lot of complains and most of the users were able to install Cydia with it without any issues.

Let us see how much traffic it is going to receive in two weeks of time. We will keep you posted if there are more updated by the official team.

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