Saurik Fixes Cydia Issues Users Were Facing After The Jailbreak


by cM Boy on February 5, 2013

Earlier we updated a post that discusses common issues and errors users were facing after they jailbroken their iOS devices with the newly released Envasi0n tool. The most common issue was that users were unable to download any apps, tweaks and packages from Cydia.

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Cydia’s creator Jay Freeman as known as Saurik has fixed the issue that was not allowing you to download Cydia packages and sources. The problem was raised due to the huge traffic spike seen right after the Evad3rs team released Envasi0n.

Fortunately, the issue is now resolved and you will be able to download and get Cydia working properly.

Although some of the users might still face this issue because the DNS propagation would take some time before getting updated to all the servers around the globe. But do not worry if you are still facing the issue, it will get resolved soon.

Saurik also mentioned that one of the reason why it was unable to bear an enormous load of traffic is that the Evad3rs team has declared the date of the jailbreak release. Normally users take some time before they see its released. As we told you earlier, some users on Reddit were too anxious and they figured the javascript code behind the progress bar and guessed the time as well.

If you haven’t jailbroken your device yet, follow the links below:

Let us know if you are still facing issues with Cydia. As always we are very excited to get the jailbreak. All thanks to the developers who have worked hard to bring another free jailbreak to us.

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