Errors And Issues While Jailbreaking iOS 6.x With Evasion


by cM Boy on February 5, 2013

As we have updated you earlier, Evasi0n has been released for untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.0 / 6.0.1 / 6.1 on all iOS devices that are compatible with the iOS 6 firmware.

We have already covered how to use the simple tool to jailbreak your device that you can find below:


The process is very simple and all it involves is to click the “Jailbreak” button on the software and it will take care of the rest. How cool is that.

Although the developer team behind the jailbreak has done testing before releasing the tool, but it is always expected when a software is released to masses, some users might face errors or issues.

We haven’t face any of the error or bugs in the program while jailbreaking our devices and hopefully most of you have gone through the process without any problems.

Here are the most common issues that you might face:

Cydia Unable To Load Completely:

As hundreds of thousands of users have downloaded the Envasi0n jailbreak tool and installed Cydia on their devices, it is expected that Cydia is overloaded with the users and you might see errors or Cydia might not be able to load completely the way you want. This happens when the jailbreak is newly released. Just hold on for some time and it will be resolved when it gets a little less crowded.

Unable To Install Jailbreak Apps, Tweaks Etc.

If you are unable to download any jailbreak app, tweak or any other package, its happening due to the same as above. Just wait for some time and hopefully it will be resolved when its gets a little less crowded.

Evasi0n Tool Halted At “Patching Kernal”:

A few users have experienced the Evasi0n tool being halted at “Patching Kernal”. Pod2g has sent a tweet and told that “if the device is stuck displaying “patching kernel”, you can press Power+Home for a long time to force a reboot”. After that, you can do the process from start.

Stock Weather App Not Working:

Some of the users have faced this issue and we are yet to find what is causing the issue. Let us know if you have a solution or let us see if the jailbreak team comes up with some solution for it. We will update this section.

Other Issues:

In case, you are having some other issues like Evasi0n is not working or not running its processes, you can simply follow simple instructions present on the official website that includes removing the passcode lock, exiting iTunes during the jailbreak process and re-running the tool.

If you have faced any issue during the jailbreak process or unable to jailbreak your device, let us know so we can discuss it here.

Rest all is well and we are enjoying and very excited to have the jailbreak. All thanks to the Evad3rs team for putting the efforts for a free jailbreak once again.

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