A Big Thanks To Evad3rs For Releasing Evasi0n Jailbreak For iOS 6.x


by cM Boy on February 5, 2013

Its a great and full of excitement day in the jailbreak community as we are finally able to jailbreak our devices running the latest firmware iOS 6.x.

evasi0n wallpaper

iOS 6 was released back on September 19, 2012 and before that it remained in beta for quite some time. After 5 months of public release and just when few people started talking about the death of jailbreaking, Evad3rs released Evasi0n jailbreak compatible with all iOS devices that are supported by iOS 6 firmware.

They made sure that this is not the end of it and finally we have Cydia on our devices and we are running our favourite jailbreak tweaks.

With each firmware revision, Apple adds more security to their operating system and that makes it more complicated every time for jailbreak developers to find holes in the iOS that is considered as the most secure operating system.

In order to release the jailbreak, the developers have to first find vulnerabilities in the iOS and then write exploits accordingly. We might not be able to make you understand but this is one of the most complicated things to do.

So, a big thanks to the Evad3rs team including Pod2g, MuscleNerd, PlanetBeing, PimSkeks and all the other who have worked to bring another free jailbreak to the community.

Those of you who want to donate can go to the link here or the donate button is also available on the official website.

Happy Jailbreaking!

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