Evasion Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6.x Release Date And Time


by cM Boy on February 4, 2013

Sunday is not the Funday this time as the developer team behind the upcoming jailbreak has pushed the release date to Monday but no doubt it is worth one day wait.

Those who are asking again and again and waiting eagerly for the Evasion, the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x will be released on Monday.

As of now, the official website is showing the progress bar at 93 percent with the following message “Next Step: Release“. That means the extended private beta testing has also completed and all they need to do is to release it. We are excited for this.

evasi0n jb

PlanetBeing has also confirmed the arrival of the jailbreak on his Twitter account:

planetbeing evasi0n

Other than that, if you are too anxious and want to know the exact time, some folks at Reddit tried figuring out the code behind the progress bar on the official website. The progress bar is moving at a rate of 0.0090863/min, that means doing some math, it will reach 100 percent at 12PM EST or 9AM PST.

jailbreak release

Remember the expected time is just based on the javascript code figured by the anxious users but as confirmed by Planetbeing, we are definitely going to get it on Monday.

Pod2g has also tweeted the Reddit thread on his Twitter account saying “LOL” which he later mentioned that it he wrote it for the fun.

Let not get too obsessed with it. Its closer than ever and we are going to install Cydia using Envasi0n jailbreak on our iOS 6 devices very soon.

Keep on checking the official website and the associated Twitter account @evad3rs for updates. We will also keep you informed and will update as soon as it gets released. Stay connected.

UPDATE: The jailbreak has been released. Follow the links below:

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