iPad 4 Jailbreak Shown By Grant Paul, Probably The Same Failbreak


by cM Boy on November 6, 2012

iOS developer, Grant Paul who is better known as chpwn has successfully given jailbreak treatment to the newly launched fourth generation iPad on iOS 6.0.1 but apparently its also not yet for the public.

The developer does not any introduction as he is famous for many jailbreak tweaks and apps in Cydia including our favourite Zephyr.

Chpwn tweeted an image of Cydia running on the iPad 4:

It doesn’t look any different than on the iPad (3rd generation), but here’s Cydia running on the iPad (4th generation): pic.twitter.com/zhrii6uX

ipad 4 jailbreak

Most probably its the same “failbreak” he earlier used to show iPhone 5 jailbreak followed by MuscleNerd who also used the same exploit and showed iPad Mini jailbreak.

But as we told you earlier, failbreak is the term used for something that isn’t ready for the public so stay calm and do not freak out by reading blog post on the Internet that says its coming soon.

There is not public release announced because in short its not developed yet. We will keep you updated if they come up with something more significant.

Apple always keep on adding more security with every hardware revision and upgraded software that makes it more complicated for jailbreak developers to find vulnerabilities but lets hope for the best.

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