iPhone 5 Gets Jailbreak Treatment On The Very First Day


by admin on September 22, 2012

This is huge for jailbreakers. iPhone 5 jailbreak is what we were not expecting to happen as quickly. The new generation Apple smartphone that was unveiled to public about 10 days ago and went on sale today gets the jailbreak treatment.

Famous jailbreak developer Grant Paul as known as Chpwn has already jailbroken iPhone 5. The developer has shown a screenshot of his new iPhone 5 with Cydia installed on it. This is what he said in a tweet:

Taller screens like Cydia too. :)

iphone 5 jailbreak

Followed by another tweet in which he showed Cydia opened and running on the sixth generation iPhone device. Here is what he said:

Here’s the Cydia homepage on the iPhone 5

iphone 5 cydia

Chpwn is famous for many Cydia tweaks including Zephyr, GridLock, VoiceActivator and many more. He is also known for releasing Spire, a Siri port for devices on which it is not supported by default.

It is to be noted that this is a very early update and no details are known so far. The developer has not told details on his exploit and whether its fully functional or not. But of course its too exciting for everyone.

Also it is to be noted that iPhone 5 runs iOS 6. Considering that its a userland jailbreak (software level jailbreak), it can be assumed that this jailbreak could be available for all iOS 6 devices in future.

We have not seen a bootrom level jailbreak exploit (hardware level) in a while. The last one was Limera1n by GeoHot still that is still available for A4 devices.

Remember there is no estimated time of arrival so stay calm and wait for more updates.

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