iDebStore, A New Cydia Alternative For Jailbroken Apps And Tweaks


by cM Boy on July 18, 2012

iDebStore is a new Cydia alternative for jailbroken apps and tweaks. The new store will be accessible from both iOS devices and desktop. iDebStore is currently in its beta version.

Official website of the new store claims that it will provide a very user friendly interface and there will be no waiting such as we see reloading data message in Cydia.


This is the description from the official website:

The idea about iDebStore came in my head when i thought cydia was too slow and we needed something that could be easily accessible and something that could be used easily. So here you have it something called iDebStore.

We are currently working on a Store which can be even accesed by a desktop so that you can download packages in places where you dont have Wifi. (very useful :P) Actually Cyder doesnt work for many so this can be very useful.

iDebStore is currently in Beta so we are using the some of the good free packages from the default repos mainly BigBoss,Macciti and Modmyi.But in the future there will be no need of repos and you will be able to directly submit your package to iDebStore once officially released.

If you still didnt get it iDebStore is an online alternative to Cydia which will be accessable from both your desktop and your iOS Device. If you can see we are in our 1st Beta and you can get access to it via filling the form.

We will also support submissions of packages both free and paid once we are out of beta. You will be able to submit your package via a button like this in the store.

In past we have seen RockYourPhone as a Cydia alternative but it was bought by Cydia’s creator Jay Freeman who is popular by the name of Saurik. Icy was another alternative and there are others but none of them is as famous as Cydia. In fact, Cydia has become a second name of jailbreaking.

It is to be noted that developers like MuscleNerd, Pod2g, P0sixninja etc. who first find vulnerabilities and then write exploits to jailbreak iOS devices always choose Cydia to inject through their tools. It seems like they have some kind of paid contract with Saurik. Anyways.

Share your thoughts whether there should be more stores for jailbroken apps or not ?

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