“Quick Reply For Messenger” Allows Reply To Facebook Messenger Contacts From Anywhere


by casey on July 3, 2012

Quick Reply For Messenger, a newly released Cydia tweak allows you to reply to your Facebook Messenger contacts from anywhere. Whether its Lockscreen, homescreen etc., all you need to do is to tap on reply when you receive message in your Facebook Messenger.

quick reply for messenger

After you install it from Cydia, you need to go to your Settings app to configure it. Use “Facebook-Connect” option to integrate your Facebook Messenger with it. Once done, it will ask you to open Messenger app for once and thats it. You are good to go and you can start using it.

quick reply for facebook messenger

We have tested the app and found it very useful. Specially for those who are daily FB Messenger users.

This is how it works when it receives any message and your device is locked.

quick reply facebook cydia tweak

quick reply facebook cydia app

Other than the lockscreen, it shows banners that appears on the top of the screen when its homescreen or when you are using some other app. Tapping on the banner will open the same Quick Reply box.

cydia facebook

iphone jailbreak facebooks apps

Here is a video made by the developer:

In functionality, its very similar to the tweak named “QuickReply For WhatsApp” that we covered last week. The only difference is that it offers integration with Facebook Messenger app instead of WhatsApp.

As its a Cydia app which means you have to have a jailbroken iOS device in order for it to work. It works on iOS 5.x and iPad is not compatible right now.

Quick Reply For Messenger is available for download from Cydia under BigBoss repository at a price $1.99. Also they are offering a three day trial version so you can check it before you buy it.

The app is developed by Moeseth, who has created and published a number of apps and tweaks in Cydia. His app named “TwitkaFly” offers the same functionality for Twitter. If you have already purchased TwitkaFly then you will get “Quick Reply For Messenger” for just $0.99 instead of $1.99.

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