Top Best Cydia Repos / Sources List 2012


by cM Boy on June 8, 2012

We have created a list of top and best Cydia repos and sources which you must need to have in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch after your jailbreak.

After jailbreaking your iOS device, you will notice that Cydia is created in a distributed way by allowing different sources that contains its apps and tweaks. BigBoss, ModMyi, Dev Team’s Ultrasn0w and ZodTTD & MacCiti are the sources added in it by default. But you can also add more sources for more apps and tweaks.

If you are very new to this and want to know how to add a source, its very simple. Open Cydia and navigate to Manage > Source > Edit > Add and then type the URL of the repository.


No matter how many people say they are the home of pi-racy etc etc, you cannot stop users from installing it. Apparently more than 80 percent of the users jailbreak their devices just to add this repo through that they can install Installous which allows them to install cracked copies of any app available in Apple App store. Sad but true.

hackulous repo

2) Insanelyi

Insanelyi is one of the top favorites containing a huge number of apps, tweaks and themes etc. Other than that, the repo is really quick when it comes to updating latest versions of apps and tweaks. The fact remains there, they offer paid Cydia apps for free and that is the main reason of its popularity.

insanelyi repo

3) Xsellize

Xsellize is also of the most famous and big repositories present in Cydia. The repo is famous for hosting many ROM packs for Nintendo, NES etc. that allows you to load your emulators. Other than that, it also contains a huge list of apps and tweaks. It also makes you install xSellize Repo icon package for easy browsing of its content.

xsellize cydia repo

4) Sinful iPhone Repo

Well the name pretty much explains it all. Its one of the biggest repositories on Cydia offering a huge amount of premium Cydia apps for free. Although it does not update their packages as quickly as Insanelyi do but when it comes to support, their forum is one of the most quickly updated one. You post some issue in there and the community will answer it and solve your matter.

sinfuliphone repo

5) iHacksRepo

One of the repos that offer almost every kind of stuff. Contains a number of tweaks, apps, utilities, ringtones, HD themes etc. Its also one of the repos that is popular for distributing paid apps and tweaks for free.


6) HackYouriPhone

Although some of entries are in Italian because its an Italian Cydia repo but its famous among all Cydia users. It offers a huge amount of apps, tweaks, mods, IPAs and downloadable content for App Store apps. Many users also prefers this repo for installing themes. It contains pretty much everything so another must to have Cydia repo.

hackyouriphone repo

7) PwnCenter

If you are looking for a repo that provides only themes and ringtones, there is no better repo than PwnCenter. It contains a big list of only themes and ringtones. You will not find any other kind of stuff in this repo.

pwncenter cydia repo

The above list of seven covers almost everything for you. Installing the above sources will allow you to install any app, tweak, mod, theme, ringtone etc. If you have any favorites, let us know by writing in the comment section at the bottom.

You don’t need to add more after them. Although we have created another list for you for reference.

  • A-steroids:
  • AppleNewsFR:
  • BigBoss & Planet-iPhones:
  • Bloc Apple en Catalá:
  • Clubiphone:
  • CZ&SK;:
  • comcute&gecko;:
  • Darvens Repository:
  • David Ashman:
  • Epelle6:
  • EasyWakeup:
  • Free Coder:
  • Hack&Dev;.org:
  • Howett:
  • iClarified:
  • iSpazio:
  • Intelliborn:
  • iPhone Video Recorder :
  • iFon Norway:
  • iAcces:
  • Repo:
  • iPhone-patch:
  • iphoneIslam:
  • i-Apps:
  • Repo :
  • iRom gba/Apps:
  • iRom Genesis Roms:
  • iRom SNES Roms:
  • iBlueToothProject:
  • iSoftRu:
  • IngiliZanahtari:
  • iPhone-patch (Bulgarian):
  • ModMyiFone:
  • Macbury:
  • MyApple:
  • Niklas Schroder:
  • RichCreations:
  • Ranbee:
  • Redwolfberry:
  • SaladSoft:
  • Sleepers:
  • Ste Packaging:
  • Steffwiz:
  • SOS iPhone:
  • Telesphoreo Tangelo:
  • TouchMania:
  • Vwallpapers:
  • Weiphone Source
  • WeHo:
  • XSellize Normal: (no vip)
  • XSellize VIP: (Must Donate)
  • yellowsn0w:
  • Zuijlen:
  • 4PP13 Team Repository:

If you want to share your favorite Cydia repository that you want us to add in the list, let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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