How To Fix Installous 5 Hash Sum Mismatch Error In Cydia


by cM Boy on June 7, 2012

Are you receiving hash sum mismatch error in Cydia while trying to install Installous 5? Looks like users in a great amount are getting the same issue.

A couple of days ago we have updated that Hacklous has released an updated version of Installous. The new Installous 5 is supported by BitTorrent downloading option so you can pause and restart downloads. There has been a great load on the repo and we are ourselves amazed to see how much people love installing Installous. Many of them are still facing issues. The most note able one is hash sum mismatch error which you can see in the image below:

installous hash sum mismatch error

Well very frankly speaking, there is no real fix for this issue but trying one of the followings will most probably resolve the issue.

  1. Try resting the network setting by going to the Settings > General > Network > Reset Network Settings
  2. Re-jailbreak your device and try installing Installous again.
  3. Open Cydia and let it to be reloaded completely before you go for Installous.
  4. And finally, delete the Hackulous Installous repo and try adding the source again. This one actually helped a lot of users.

Installous 5 hash sum mismatch cydia

If nothing works from the above, there is another solution and a better one. Try installing Installous 5 from some other repos.

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