Grant Paul aka chpwn, iPhone Hacker And Cydia Apps Developer Now Works In Facebook


by cM Boy on June 5, 2012

Those who follow iOS jailbreaker developers on Twitter must know who is Grant Paul as known as chpwn. Well the news is that he has joined Facebook as an intern.

We all know how much Facebook is in love with hackers. Even the CEO Zuck himself is known to be suspended by Harvard University after hacking into their network. The company really knows how to use the talent of these hackers for their good. Earlier we saw the famous iPhone hacker, GeoHot making its way to Facebook and now its chPwn.

This is what he has tweeted:

Just finished my first day as an intern at Facebook. Very excited.


If you are unaware of this developer, let us tell you that he has developed some of the most amazing Cydia apps. He is the developer behind Spire, the only better Siri port for devices other than iPhone 4S. Recently he has discontinued Spire as it still requires proxy server setup and configuration before users can actually use it.

This is the list of apps he has developed and are available for download from Cydia:

Paid Extensions

  • Zephyr
  • Gridlock
  • VoiceActivator
  • Infinidock
  • Infinifolders
  • Infiniboard

Free Extensions

  • IconSupport
  • AppSlide
  • MobileVolumeSound
  • Internalizer
  • Five Icon Switcher
  • Webscrollian
  • No Page Dots
  • No Bookmarks
  • Full WebClips
  • No Folder Badges
  • Spire
  • Empty Folder Icons
  • Colloquy Tab Complete
  • Covert
  • ListLauncher
  • Switcherscape

Right now he has not told what actually his internship is about. Looks like Facebook is building their own Smartphone and they are hiring more people who have worked closely on iOS platform. Anyways we congratulate Grant Paul on his Internship in Facebook.

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