“Jailbreak” Word Filtered By Apple In The U.S iTunes Store


by cM Boy on May 17, 2012

Wonder how much Apple hates iOS jailbreaking ? Well here is another example of it. Apple has started filtering the word “Jailbreak” from its iTunes Store. If you search the word Jailbreak in the iTunes store, the results will be something like the following image.

jailbreak app store

Jailbreak community member, Planetbeing spotted this difference today followed by MuscleNerd. Apparently the change is brought to any kind of content in the iTunes whether its an, TV show, movie, podcast, music or a book. Not everything named jailbreak is censored but most of them are as you can see in the image above.

At this point, you can only see this filter in the U.S store while other countries can see the complete word if they to search it.

There is no official statement by Apple why they have actually filtered the word. We all know we are NOT going to see any jailbreak apps and tweaks in the Apple App store because Cydia is there to hold them as an unofficial store for jailbreak fans.

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