Why Apple Stops You From iOS Jailbreaking And Why They Are Right


by casey on May 10, 2012

Recently we received a tip from one of our visitors that is actually a tweet by an iOS developer named Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga). Springtomize, SMS+, SlideAway, Cleverpin, FreeSync, MyVoulme etc are the tweaks that this developer has published in Cydia.

The developer has tweeted an image that shows stats of his app Springtomize. The stats shows percentage of device models and iOS versions who have download this tweak. But most note able thing is that only 8 percent of the total downloads are the ones who have actually paid for this tweak while rest of the 92 percent are not legit that means these users have downloaded a cracked copy of it from sources that offer pirated tweaks. 92 percent, well thats shocking.

springtomize cydia

We keep listening to people who says that Cydia contains apps and tweaks that Apple does not accept in the App Store. We listen to the users who say we love Cydia because Apple’s system is so restricted. Ooo Yeah Right. Most of the users jailbreak their devices to get pirated apps and thats a fact. We are not neglecting the users, few in numbers but who actually pay for the apps but one thing is for sure that number of legit users is very low.

Apple created the App Store, developers are publishing the apps, if its a paid one, you pay for it. End of story. Its that simple. Apple does not approve an app with crapy implementation so we cannot blame them for a complicated app submission process. Of course no body likes to pay for an app that crashes and Apple follows its restrict policies.

Yes there are a lot of apps and tweaks in Cydia that are really not good enough to be in App Store but then there are a lot of awesome ones. I have a friend who only jailbreaks his device just to install Zephyr and no doubt the tweak is cool enough. When i myself jailbreak my personal iPhone, the very first tweak i install is Barrel and WiFiSMS. There are many more examples of really useful apps in Cydia.

So let us ignore the apps that are not good enough and only consider the ones that are really good and for which we actually jailbreak our devices. Are we paying for these cool apps? Most of us are not. The above image of Springtomize stats is a proof. Filippo Bigarella is one developer and apparently other developers are facing the same situation.

iphone app piracy

Cydia is getting popular day by day. I myself is a fan of it and our website VeryRite that is covering jailbreaking and related news is a proof. But the ones who are not paying for the apps are discouraging the developers who put their time and effort. Not only this, they are also discouraging the new developers who are interested to make tweaks for Cydia.

Apart from other things, piracy is one of the concern why Apple stops you from jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002710802108 Erich Dehn

    if you can afford to buy apple products you can afford to pay for the app also.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122398412 Klaus Malbruch

    unfortunately this behaviour is true. Still people demand(!) jailbreaks, for free of course.
    I donated for my jailbreak and I pay for the apps which make my Iphone so much better, like lockinfo or playawake.

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