Saurik After Seeing HackStore Responds Why Cydia For Mac Was Not Released


by admin on April 26, 2012

You will get Cydia for Mac once it works is the last statement we have heard from Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia. But it was never released. Before that we have heard stories of Freeman working on CydiaSubstrate, a framework on which all Mac tweaks will be depended on if it ever gets released.

Yesterday we updated that HackStore has been released which is Cydia like store for Mac OS. Freeman as known as Saurik responded why Cydia for Mac is delayed. He made this statement in a Reddit thread:

That was actually right after the Mac App Store came out, which was still when Snow Leopard reigned ;P (although people didn’t seem to have any positive reactions to it until Lion came out).

Regardless, what makes Cydia interesting is really Substrate, not the installer tool (Substrate being the framework for making code modifications to other systems; a lot like SIMBL, but a little more capable). As I’ve never managed to get Substrate fully stable on Mac, I’ve never bothered to build the Cydia for Mac that people occasionally still bring up.

Honestly, without Substrate, Bodega ( already provides a place where software that is not available in the official Apple App Store can be distributed on Mac OS X. In particular, you can find software such as Seas0nPass (the AppleTV Jailbreak) and DropBox (which modifies Finder and thereby violates the Apple sandbox). There isn’t really a need for “yet another” alternative to the App Store on desktop Macs: what I generally tout Cydia as is more an “alternative to the entire concept of apps” (due to Substrate)

cydia for mac os x

Looks like Cydia for Mac is not coming soon as he still needs to develop CydiaSubstrate. Let us know your thoughts about it. Who needs Cydia for Mac ?

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