Famous iPhone & PlayStation Jailbreaker GeoHot Quits Facebook And Back To Hacking World


by cM Boy on January 26, 2012

If you are jailbreaking your iOS device for a while then you must know who is George Hotz as known as GeoHot. PlayStation 3 jailbreakers also know him because of the Lawsuit he faced against Sony after jailbreak PS3.

GeoHot was the first person who unlocked iPhone device back in 2007 which was a hardware based unlock later replaced with software unlock tools like iPhone’s new Bootloader version 4.6 developed by him. His jailbreaking tools include Purplera1n, BlackRa1n and the famous LimeRa1n.

After leaving iOS jailbreaking he suddenly appeared with PS3 jailbreak followed by a lawsuit he faced by Sony for hacking their console. After it was settled out, he joined Facebook to work on some app. Well now what ?

According to a report by BusinessInsider, he has left Facebook and has was spotted at a hacthon. There they were working on an app to see where your Facebook friends are on the map. Although they lost the competition to a group of high school students but its good to see GeoHot back in the hacking world instead of being an employee in Facebook.

geohot app

Hotz was anything but bored at Backplane, a startup funded by Lady Gaga, where we ran into him this past Saturday. He told me he appreciated the space and the free pizza.

When Hotz waltzed in the door at Backplane, he introduced himself as the hacker who was sued by Sony, but he’s most famous for releasing software that allows smartphone users to jailbreak their iPhone.

So what do you say? Should GeoHot be back in the jailbreaking world ? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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