How To Jailbreak iPad 2 / iPhone 4S On Windows With Command Line cInject


by admin on January 22, 2012

As we told you earlier that iPhone Dev Team has updated their command line tool cInject to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on Windows operating system. We are now here to show you a how to guide to write few lines of commands and jailbreak your A5 based devices.

If you really need it that quick, you can use the command line tool else you can wait for Absinthe to get updated for Windows OS. For now follow our step by step guide below.

NOTE: Before you start jailbreaking your device, it is recommended to take a backup just to be on the safe side. Also remove any passcode lock on your device. It is recommended to login from your administrator account. Also make sure your device is connected to your computer.

STEP 1: Download cInject for Windows. Its a ZIP file. Extract it on the Desktop. Copy the extracted content and place it on the desktop. Connect your iPhone 4S / iPad 2 with your computer.

STEP 2: Now you have to run command prompt. Type cmd in the search programs box and right click cmd and open it as administrator as you can see in the sceenshot.

command line windows

STEP 3: Now navigate to the directory where you have downloaded cInject tool which in our case is placed on the desktop. You can navigate to the directory by using the CD command. If you have placed it somewhere else, you can still use the same command to go to your specific path. In our case the command to reach it is: “cd /Desktop/cinject.0.4.3“.

windows CD command

STEP 4: Now you have to write the following command and press enter “cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig“. Now you will see on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 a screen asking you to install. Tap on the install and then next accept the profile.

windows jailbreak CLI

STEP 5: Next you need to run the command cinject -j payloads that will simply jailbreak.

STEP 6: Next command you need to type is cinject -w.

STEP 7: Now on iOS device, go to Settings app and then go to Network > VPN and enable it. After that you will get a configuration error which is no big deal just press ok and proceed.

STEP 8: After that your device will reboot and you will see a lot of things going on in the command prompt. Don’t get panic. Its normal.

STEP 9: After reboot, you will see Cydia on your device. Few of the users have seen Absinthe icon first and tapping on it completed the process.


UPDATE: Absinthe For Windows has been released. So its better not to use above method as its a little complicated. Download Absinthe for Windows instead to perform one click jailbreak.

If you are a Mac users, you can simply use Absinthe by following the guide below:

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  • Jay

    In step 4 do you need to put in a password? it asks for a password for the VPN (of which we do not have) I just hit next and proceeded with the process. But not I am at step 6 and waiting for the command to finish processing before I can to to the ipad and start the VPN but after the first minute or so with the command processing it has now stopped and I have been waiting for about 8 minutes with nothing happening. Can’t proceed to step 7 to start the VPN.

    • silk skirt

      1. ignore the password thing, does not matter.
      2. make sure the second commond is “cinject -j payloads”, don’t forget that “payloads”

  • John

    Hi I cannot locate the folder on the desktop because when I open cmd it each line automatically begins with “C:\Windows\system32″ how do I change this

    • silk skirt

      Don’t know if you have downloaded it the desktop and if you know how to get to the desktop.
      You can download and extract (unzip) it to c drive root, then
      “cd \”, this will bring you to the root no matter where you were, then
      “cd cin” no need to complete it, just press tab key, until you see it is the unzipped folder, you can then follow the above steps mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Matt

    what’s the password for the profile that is installed?

    • silk skirt

      Read my post: ignore the password, just click “next”

  • Nate

    Is this untethered?

    • silk skirt

      Of course.

  • silk skirt

    I have successfully jailbroken my ipad 2 with the above instructions, (thank you), would like to give some feedbacks to help the rest:

    1. I did not have to turn off firewall on my PC, might because it was off in the first place, or it is not needed to be turned off. You can start without touching firewall settings.
    2. after the command line input ““cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig”, you will see on your device a confirmatin for installation, as mentioned above, but you do not have to do anything except clicking “next”, when you are asked to input password, just ignore it and proceed.
    3. All command lines mentioned in the tutorial are highlighted in Bold, but with exception, for the second command, make sure you use “cinject -j payloads” even though “payloads” is not highlighted in bold.
    4. after the second commond is entered, you can go ahead enter the last one “cinject -w”, then turn on VPN setting, click OK to clear the error message, then wait for the device to reboot.

    That’s it. You will see Cydia icon, I am sure of that :)

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