Install Siri On iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4 By Restoring iPhone 4S Backup


by cM Boy on January 19, 2012

Ever since Siri, iPhone 4S exclusive feature is introduced by Apple, a lot of developers have tried to port it to the non-iPhone 4S devices.

Some got success but those were illegal and highly criticized. Later it was legally ported by Chpwn by introducing Spire, a Cydia package. Its a little complicated to implement for normal users. It requires you to have an iPhone 4S device. If you don’t have it, you can temporarily get it from your friend and take some of its information and make a Siri proxy server so you can enjoy Siri on your non-iPhone 4S device. Frankly speaking it was not liked by a lot of users who are less technical.

Anyways coming back to the point, one guy claims that he has ported Siri on his iPod Touch device by simply restoring it from an iPhone 4S backup.

siri port restore iphone 4s backup

The guy with a nick AppleGordan purchased a new white iPod Touch and instead of setting up a new device in the beginning, he restored it with an iPhone 4S backup.

Although it is unable to connect with Apple servers but the interface is there and according to the guy, dictation feature is working without any flaw.

The fun is not over. Gordan says he tried the same method on a Verizon iPhone 4 device and he got the same level of success.

Apparently it looks real as the video proof is uploaded on the YouTube which you can watch below:

Before Spire, we have seen a lot of GUI only Siri ports with a lot of hard work but this guy did it easily by using a different approach.

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