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by casey on December 21, 2011

Since Siri, the voice activated personal assistant software for iPhone 4S has been introduced by Apple; it has been creating ripples in the iPhone industry. Siri uses language processing to answer to your questions, recommend various things. All you need to do is to ask.

Siri allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, make phone calls, and more. Unlike traditional voice recognition software, it does not requires you to remember specific phrases or commands. It uses Artificial Intelligence and understands natural speech.

According to Apple, Siri is currently in its beta and they are working to improve it. Right now there is limited list of questions it answers correctly. But as i told you that Siri is unlike other voice recognition application, it understand natural language by parsing our voice. This makes its users to ask almost every kind of question that comes in their minds.

Check out the awesome videos i have gathered from YouTube that shows the power of Siri:

siri iphone 4s

Siri can sing songs. Check out the video below in which Siri is literally rapping. The video is uploaded by user EntertainmentFinest

Users are trying to do different sort of experiments with Siri. This is what happens when one Siri talks to another Siri. The video is uploaded by Ozdogink.

Sometimes Siri gets emotional. Its another hilarious video featuring Siri. This is what happens when you ask Siri to marry you:

This is one of the most funniest video featuring Siri. Siri is caught in a fight between husband and wife. Siri tries to handle the fight between them. The video is uploaded by a settyme077:

Using Siri Proxy you can now ask Siri to control your room curtains and even it can start your car. Check out the video below uploaded by fiquett:

The above video shows that people are not only having fun with it but they are also thinking of new ways Siri can help them. Its still in its beta version. Let us see how Apple improves this amazing application. Let us know your thoughts. Also share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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