Windows Desktop Winterboard Theme Gives Windows 7 Look To iPhone


by casey on November 23, 2011

What if you want to install Windows 7 on your iPhone device? Windows Desktop version 1.0 has been released to give your iPhone a user interface of Windows 7 desktop. The theme requires you to have Winterboard installed on your device.

Of course its not the actual Win 7 OS. Just a theme to give it a similar look. It customizes the Lockscreen, Springboard icons and wallpapers making it looks like a Microsoft’s operating system on your Apple device.

windows 7 iPhone

The developer has also introduced a lot of sounds along with the theme. When you unlock the device, you will hear the same Windows 7 boot up tone. These are the folders and it looks very similar to the ones we see in Win 7:

windows 7 iOS

You can also the Safari is replaced with Internet Explorer’s icon. Although you will not see a perfect replica of IE once you open it. Other than that, Phone app is replaced with Windows Phone 7 icon.

Windows OS on iphone

The theme is available for download from Cydia Store under ModMyi repository. You can download it for free. Remember you need to have Winterboard installed on your device. After you install the theme, goto Winterboard and activate and and then ReSpring your device.

Although we love the interface provided by Apple iOS but this is just for the fun. At least you can show it your friends. Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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