Siri On Android, Macbook, Windows & iOS Devices! Siri’s Security Protocol Cracked


by casey on November 15, 2011

We have an awesome news for you. Security protocol of Apple’s iOS personal assistant Siri has been successfully cracked by a group of developers a Applidium. According to the team, Siri, the iOS personal assistant by Apple and an exclusive feature of iPhone 4S can now be installed on any device including iPhone 4 / 3GS , iPad 1 / 2, iPod touch 3G/4G.

How they did it?

Although still a few hinderances are left before they reach to the final solution. The team made up their own customized SSL certification authorization system, putting it in the iPhone 4S device and used their own certificate to sign for a fake “” host. This helped them to get commands Siri requires to send to Apple servers. Too Technical ?

In the end, the team was able to get Siri’s answers using their cracked protocol system to command Siri without even using an iPhone device. Cool?

Siri iphone on android mac windows

Siri on Android, Macbook, Windows and all iOS devices?

You must be excited to read all this. You might be more interested in just getting Siri on your devices than to read all the above technical stuff. But we have to tell you the most interesting thing. If we observe closely what Applidium’s theory. They are simply saying that any device, yes you are reading it very rite. Any device can be used to control Siri and any device can be Android, your Macbook or your Windows 7 machine. We are not just talking about the iOS devices and Siri port.

Few Downloads for the developers:

Applidium has also given a recorded conversation with Siri without using the iPhone device. It can be found here. The team has also published a post for developers that explains in detail about the technical stuff they did which you can find here. Other than that, they have also released few tools for developers to decipher Siri’s security protocol which you can find here.

Stay tuned to We will update you as soon as we get more news. Above stuff is mostly for the developers. We will let you know as as as we hear something for the whole public.

If you want to install the GUI only version of Siri port to other devices you can follow the below link:

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