Apple App Store Offers iOS Jailbreak App For iPhone & iPad That Too A Fake One


by casey on November 11, 2011

Apples hates iOS jailbreaking. We know it and you know it. They want us to install apps ONLY from the official App Store. We need a little freedom. That is the reason we are looking for groups like iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team to release tools that can install Cydia, the un-official app store.

But what if we tell you that Apple’s App Store is it self offering an app that claims to jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on almost every firmware from iOS 3 to iOS 5 and on any device including the A5 based devices (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S). WOW what an app ? :D

Yes definitely its a fake. It is available at a price $9.99. We were amazed when we first saw it in a tweet. We care about you so we are informing you to stay away from it because its just a scam.

app store jailbreak

It is present in the official Apple’s App Store is what making us surprise. Apple’s App Store is a place where apps can only get their place by passing through a strict checking process. Plus they hate iOS jailbreaking BUT still the jailbreak app is there in their store.

How they have tricked Apple to approve it ?? It does not say that it is capable of installing Cydia or any other way to allow third party apps. Jailbreak is just another English word. But when we listen to this word, we always think of Cydia and un-official apps. So its not a fault of Apple to approve it but its misleading those who know what iOS jailbreaking means.

Also it is to be noted that that developers who develop iOS jailbreaking tool never ask you to pay. We always get these tools for free.

According to Apple’s policy the app is doing what it says but it is misleading many users. Let us see whether they take some action against it or not.

UPDATE: All Thanks To Apple For Removing This App From The App Store.

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